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Our South african  JOURNEY

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ArcticStore (PTY) Ltd. is a JV between TITAN Containers A/S, Denmark and South African business interests. Together we bring TITAN's market leading refrigerated storage solutions and a wealth of local business experience to the African markets.

Whilst new in Africa we have over 30 years global experience with customers in almost 100 countries and territories.

Here is a little on our history and our unique business DNA.  



TITAN's original journey started in 1987 And the journey continues today, tomorrow and every day


In essence, our strategy has not changed over the years, rather it has been refined and sharpened to bring even greater benefit to our customers.


As a company, we revolve around our customers, just as the earth orbits the sun.  We listen, analyse and understand to establish and then propose our best possible solution. With the ArcticStore brand, our customer engagement has evolved through innovation to improve existing products and the invention of new products including the Arctic SuperStore modular cold stores and the mobile ArcticBlast.

We are a family-owned business with family values and recognise and respect our social responsibilities and community goals. We are actively pursuing our ISO 14001 environmental targets for world community benefit. We have always had a long term view on business performance and as this has worked for many years we see no reason to change a winning team. 

Years ago the refrigerated storage industry did not offer what customers were asking for. So, we designed and built a much better, user-friendlier, more suitable product portfolio. We hope you find what you need. If you do not please tell us, so we can perhaps find yet another super solution to benefit you and others around the globe.

ArcticStore South Africa
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THE TEMPERATURE inside and outside the arcticstore

We Care Ice ArcticStore

Our cold stores are highly regulated and work with tight tolerances for the maintenance of temperature.

Fitted with innovative and modern technology, ArcticStore brand products ensure high product quality and save energy at the same time. Soon, our solar supplementary energy add-on will be available to all. ArcticStores powered in part by solar energy will save you money and help the planet.

Reducing our and your carbon footprints and minimizing the energy spent is important for us.

Not only in the future but also today.

Together we can create a more sustainable future.



Our Arcticstore Refrigerated Containers have been built with one common goal in mind - the health and wealth of our planet!

In order to preserve our home, we are always trying to implement newer and more sustainable technological advancements into our Arcticstore containers - one step at a time!



The containers are manufactured in accordance with the latest guidelines and legislation with regard to CFCs.

All refrigeration machines are new technology with low power consumption ensuring the lowest possible operating costs.

We are ISO 9001/14001 certified for all global business interests including Fgas and other specific issues. To the best of our knowledge, all our containers/portable cold stores are manufactured using ethical practices and controls.


Local Team for you

With offices in more than 30 locations who is important to you is who you talk or communicate best with. For TITAN Containers near you please see our global contacts

ArcticStore Team

Country Manager

Often involved in key regional account customer relations. The Country Manager is there to help our team and all customers.


Customer services

Our most valuable human resources with years of experience. The catalyst between you, the customer or supplier and TITAN Containers.

Back-office admin

Essential for our good governance and compliancy in the ever more complicated business environment we all experience.

And the


Just in case you need to elevate within TITAN Containers we are pleased to inform with email links: 

Csaba ArcticStore Brand Manager TITAN Containers


Brand Manager ArcticStore

Global commercial responsibility for ArcticStore rental and sale.

Layland Barker CEO Blue Drawing

Layland Barker

Managing Director

Founded in 1987, we have delivered rental and sale containers for more than 30 years. We strive to always be an affordable business partner.



Brand Manager Self-storage

Global commercial management of self-storage activities.

Brendan O’Malley Global ISO Brand Manager  - Blue Drawing


Brand Manager TITAN ISO

Global commercial management of TITAN Container ISO rentals and sales.

Please be aware

Due to email abuse and privacy issues, we do not share traditional contact information or identifying pictures of our team players on our website or social media channels.

If you are an existing customer, then all required contact details have already or will be made available upon request to your local TITAN office.
For parties interested in developing a relationship with TITAN Containers we invite you to visit our global contact information here

In the unlikely event that you need to have 100% confidential correspondence with TITAN Containers, please use our whistleblower portal.


Core brands

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Market leading temperature controlled storage solutions.

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Our rapidly growing self-storage brand continues to expand.



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Where we started. Dry storage containers in many sizes and types.



For offshore logistics specifically for fossil fuel and wind farm industry segments.



Modular accomodation and person activity related applications.